Diabetic Foot Care

As a diabetic, it is recommended that you have your feet evaluated annually. You may also qualify for diabetic shoes and foot/toenail care. Call us and see what services we can provide.

Custom Orthotics

Foot pain can cause whole body pain. Properly supporting your feet with a good pair of shoes and orthotics made to alleviate stress and strain can make a world of difference in your daily comfort. Our clinic offers custom orthotics made with state of the art technology including dynamic digital foot scanning and biomechanical evaluation.

Heel Pain

A common concern with many people is heel pain. Taking a look at the causes of that pain will help to address the underlying issue instead of just the symptoms.

Ingrown Toenails

Ever had an ingrown toenail that just wouldn't go away on it's own? There are options for temporary and permanent relief from this recurring issue.

Foot Pain

Hammertoes? Bunions? Pain in the ball of your foot? Let's address it all and find a solution to improve your daily comfort level and daily life.

Skin Biopsies

Skin lesions on the feet are often overlooked. Have a mole that looks irregular, hurts, or bleeds? Don't ignore it. Come in and have it evaluated, biopsied, and treated as needed.


Digital X-Ray

Tired of running around town? Save yourself a trip, we have an in office digital X-ray that allows for a comprehensive evaluation and treatment of many foot ailments. 


Come in and see our many products in stock! Anti fungal nail polish, topical anti fungal gel for toenails, padding, specialized lotions, and so much more!

Ugly Toenails

Did you know that that ugly toenail may be treatable? Toenail fungus is easy to acquire and is one of the most common ailments we address. Come in and see if the appearance and comfort of your nails can be improved.

Corns and Calluses

From trimming to padding and more! Come in and let us help to improve your foot comfort.


Just have some general questions about your feet? Whether it's your toenail, skin, heel pain, or other foot concerns. Come in and get the answers. Dr. Newey will be glad to see you for any questions you may have or for a second opinion on any diagnosis or treatment plan.